Come learn what it means to be part of the family. 


With over 100 members, Tulane University's Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity features a wide variety of brothers from different majors and backgrounds coming together with common passions such as law, justice, and truth.


Phi Alpha Delta Membership

Our chapter is designed with an Executive Board, Committee Chairs, Cabinet, Congress, and General Body. Our chapter observes an open membership policy, which you can read more about here.

General Body

Our General Body members enjoy the full benefits of being in PAD. They can attend social events, LSAT and GRE tutoring, and speaker events. All brothers are assigned a committee and a House.

The Congress

Our Chapter is uses a Congressional system to represent the interests of our large body of members. Any General Body member is allowed to run Congress. Congressional elections are held once a semester at the beginning of the semester. Congress members are responsible for hosting events for their respective house and holding office hours for their constituents. Congress is a perfect option for brothers who are interested in leadership positions in the future



The Cabinet serves as assistants to the Committee Chairs and the Executive Board. The Cabinet is an appointed position by members of the board. The board may add congress positions as they see fit.

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are in charge of their respective committees. They work with their committees on various projects. Committee Chairs are for year-long terms in the spring semester. Visit our Leadership page to learn more about our leadership positions.

Executive Board

The Executive Board oversees the Committee Chairs, Cabinet, Congress, and General Body. Like Committee Chairs, Executive Board are year-long positions and elections take place in the spring.

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All our brothers sit on a committee led by either a member of the Executive Board or Committee Chair. Phi Alpha Delta - Tulane Chapter has several committees that allow our brothers to expand on their professional experiences and give input on important decisions. Once a new member is initiated, they join a committee.

Academic and Professional

This committee serves to provide resources for our brothers such as LSAT tutoring, LinkedIn and resume workshops, bringing in speakers from across the country and helping our chapter create and maintain professional connections within the Tulane community.

Community Service

This committee focuses on giving back to our community. All brothers are required to attend community service events organized and planned by the committee and Community Service chairs. Our community service opportunities range from chapter volunteer days to days where individuals can volunteer with the committee’s community partners throughout the semester.

Finance & Fundraising

This committee gives brothers hands-on experience managing the financial aspect of the brotherhood from due collection to setting a draft budget. This committee also has a large role in planning events financially and allocating funding between the committees. This committee also works to help raise funds for Phi Alpha Delta - Tulane Chapter to expand opportunities for its brothers.

This committee helps our brothers maintain professionalism and is responsible for both educating brothers on all aspects of achieving a higher standard from dressing appropriately to abiding by our code of conduct. Members of this committee serve as a resource to all our brothers.


Public Relations and Apparel

This committee is responsible for marketing Phi Alpha Delta — Tulane Chapter to the community. Responsibilities vary from creating flyers and designing apparel to managing the social media accounts.

Recruitment and Membership

Phi Alpha Delta — Tulane Chapter is constantly growing. Our recruitment committee organizes the details of our main recruitment week every Fall and Spring from getting the word out during those first weeks of the new semester to planning fun, informative events during recruitment allowing brothers and potential members to connect.

Brotherhood is very important to our chapter. The social committee focuses on creating events where we can come together as a chapter and as individuals with events such as Bagels with Brothers, tailgates during football season and organizing study groups.




As professionals, our brothers pursue many internships and connect to the greater New Orleans community and beyond. Our brothers have developed the skills necessary for these positions through resume and cover letter workshops and gained valuable insight from professional speakers to create brothers that are ready for the business world. Below are some internships that our brothers have gained valuable insight and experience:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • New Orleans Children's Advocacy Center
  • Orleans Parish Juvenile District Court
  • New Orleans Public Defenders
  • United Mortgage Law Firm
  • Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr and Smith Law Firm
  • New York Attorney Generals Office
  • Yorktown Partners LLC
  • Court Watch NOLA
  • New Orleans Abortion Fund
  • The Audubon Institute
  • ...and more!


Interested in launching your professional career? Join our organization and learn more about recruitment here