How PAD Prepared Me For Post-Grad Life


I am a recent graduate of Tulane (Class of 2018) and a Tulane Phi Alpha Delta Alumni.  I joined PAD in its first official semester on campus in Spring 2015.  I remained an active member up until I graduated in May.  I consider PAD to have been an integral part of my time at Tulane, and it helped mold me to help prepare for my (then) future.  Every aspect of PAD brought me new insight that I was able to use to help plan for my future.  Through lawyers and law school admissions counselors that PAD brought in to speak to us as a brotherhood, I discovered that I didn’t want to go straight to law school, but I wanted to take some time after graduation for myself in order to gain experience in the real world.  And while the LSAT tutoring provided by PAD was certainly helpful, I feel the biggest takeaways I took from PAD was the connections I made with my fellow brothers, and the networking opportunities that they provided.  

Through one of my brothers in PAD, I was able to get an internship at the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office.  In doing so, I gained valuable legal exposure and experience, experience that proved to be invaluable when I graduated from school and started looking for open paralegal experiences at firms across the country.  When I was given an opportunity to interview, I used interview experience that I had learned from PAD recruitment to help turn me into a top candidate.  It also helped that on one of my interviews, one interviewer (now my boss) and I were able to bond over the fact that he had been a founding member of his PAD chapter when he was an undergraduate.  I now work as a paralegal at a top law firm, continuing to strengthen connections for not just my own future, but for my brothers from Phi Alpha Delta - Tulane Pre-Law Chapter, to help give them the same opportunities that I have been able to achieve thanks to the experiences I gained through my membership in PAD.