Summer Newsletter


The end of this semester is bittersweet as we will be sending off four seniors: Liane Holdowsky, Charlie Rotering, Eleanor Niedermeyer, and Casey Sawicz. We are sad to let them go, but excited to see what great things they accomplish in the future! Congrats, grads!



Liane is from New Hampshire. She majored in political science. Next year, Liane is working as an IT at the Tulane Recreation Center. After that, she hopes to work as a paralegal in New Orleans.


Eleanor is from Portland, Oregon. She served as the Academic Chair of Phi Alpha Delta last term. Eleanor hopes to intern at a public policy center as a research assistant working on economic policy in her home state. She is also considering applying to graduate school in the fall.


Charlie Rotering


Charlie is from Highland Park, Illinois. This May, he graduated with a liberal arts degree from Tulane. Charlie is a big Cubs fan and is very interested in politics.

Casey Sawicz

Casey is from Chicago. She joined Phi Alpha Delta last semester and quickly became a part of the family. Casey is an avid reader and aspiring Supreme Court justice. In the fall, Casey will begin her first year of law school at DePaul University in Chicago.


Phi Alpha Delta has meant so much to me and has been an important part of my experience at Tulane. I have made friends through the pre-law fraternity that will be with me forever, my life would have been incomplete without them. Being a member of Phi Alpha Delta has encouraged me to take my law education to the next level as this coming fall I will start my first year at law school. The fraternity encouraged my dreams of being a lawyer, reminding me that there are others who share my dreams. Being a member of Phi Alpha Delta has meant the world to me and assured me that I am on the right path in life. I am so excited to continue my legal education and to see my friends continue theirs.



Bronte Foley will be researching with Judge Doherty at the juvenile court in New Orleans.

Alexander Freedman will be staying in New Orleans to research methods of judicial selection among the states.

Julianna Pasquarello will be interning at the Domestic Violence Bureau in New York.

Katrina Leyh will be volunteering with an NGO in South Africa.

Alex Wolfson has taken over as treasurer of Phi Alpha Delta.