Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court: An Exciting Panel with Fantastic Questions

Last night, our chapter of Phi Alpha Delta co-hosted a panel with our Political Science Department at Tulane. The panel was open to the public and the room was packed with eager students ready to hear an intelligent discussion on the Kavanaugh appointment and the lasting effects it would have on the Supreme Court of the United States.

The panel, titled, “Kavanaugh and the New Supreme Court,” featured four professors and their various opinions on the nomination and confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh. The professors were, from left to right, Professor J. Celeste Lay, Professor Scott Nolan, Professor Rosalind Cook, and Professor Nancy Maveety. They were asked guided questions by our President and panel moderator, Bronte Foley, and after which they opened up for a Q+A session.


Topics ranged from women’s reproductive rights to LGBTQA+ rights and how the Supreme Court would rule on certain decisions. The event last about an hour and had over 50 attendees.

The School of Liberal Arts wrote a fascinating article on it which you can read here.