Appointment of New Cabinet (Fall 2019)

At our first chapter this month, the Executive Board announced the new Cabinet positions for Fall 2019. These members will serve on a special cabinet committee directly under the Board. Though it is a semester position, we expect to see amazing accomplishments and contributions this semester! Congratulations Cabinet!

New Member Coordinators: Yael Pasumansky, Taylor Asher, Collette Puleo

Recruitment/Membership Events Assistant: Maggie Amen

Speaker Event Liaison: Gabriella Garcia Arvesu

Organization Liaison: Caroline Corothers

Community Engagement Liaison: Carly Shaffer

Election of New Committee Chairs for 2019-2020


Tonight we conducted elections for our new committee chairs. We are so honored and excited to present the new Tulane Phi Alpha Delta Board for the 2019-2020 calendar year! We are hopeful for a successful and fun upcoming year.

Membership Chairs - Matthew Mutnick and Zach Brenner

Social Chairs - Carly Latner and Paige Lawrence

Community Service Chairs = Lily Conroy, Miranda Sinsheimer (Spring) and Michael Chen (Fall)

Academic Chair - Jimmy Magee

Professional Chair - Ann Kapustiak

Brother Spotlight: Taylor Asher



Taylor is a Junior at Tulane and a new member of our congress class this semester. He has been an incredible helping hand in all events that our chapter has had this semester. We love hanging out with Taylor and love to learn new things about him everyday. We are so proud of his talent, skill, and passion especially towards PAD

He is always helping out his brothers in any way he can and is a great leader as well. We are thankful to have him in our brotherhood and can’t wait to see his future accomplishments this upcoming year! Congratulations on Taylor on being brother of the month.

New Executive Board 2019-2020

Tonight, we held elections for our new executive board. Each candidate presented a three minute speech on why they believe they would be the most qualified for their position and the brotherhood then voted on each candidate. Congratulations to our new executive board!

President - Alex Keiser

Vice President - Sharmila Mysore

Secretary - Wendy Cohen

Treasurer - Nicole Roca

Also, a huge thank you to our previous executive board!

Brother Spotlight: Caroline Carothers



Caroline is a Junior from California. She joined PAD Spring 2018 and currently serves as the Community Engagement Liaison. Last semester, she was abroad in Madrid, but even while abroad she stayed involved in our organization!

She has been described by her brothers as someone who genuinely cares about the other members of our organization. One member stated, "She has been there for many people in the chapter and is always a friendly face to see around campus." Congratulations, Caroline! 

Brother Spotlight: Kelly Ross


“Energetic”, “Caring” & “Positive”

Congratulations to our brother of the month for January, Kelly Ross! Kelly has been described by her peers as someone that truly cares for her brothers. She is always a friend that brothers can go to for a good laugh. This semester, Kelly is the Public Relations Assistant, and she’s worked incredibly hard creating new material.

Brother Spotlight: Lindsay Nissenbaum


“Kind” & “Selfless”

Congratulations to Lindsay Nissenbaum on making brother of the month! Lindsay served as one of the New Member Liaisons last semester and is currently our Community Engagement Liaison and one of our Transition Team members. Our brothers admire you for your dedication to this organization and your constant willingness to help. Keep being awesome!